BAT Rothmans country manager Kim Eun-ji introduces the firm’s new product during a press conference in Seoul on Feb. 14. Photo courtesy of BAT Rothmans

Tobacco firm adds newest product to its multi-category portfolio

BAT Rothmans announced on Feb. 14 that it had launched gloTM hyper X2, the latest product in its gloTM lineup, the company’s global heated tobacco brand, in South Korea.

The firm said that hyper X2 would come up with advanced induction heating technology encased in a smaller and lighter-weight device compared to its predecessor of gloTM hyper+.

In addition, BAT Rothmans noted that the new product would offer richer user experiences by offering two heating methods of a normal mode and a boost mode.

The former, otherwise dubbed a standard mode, completes heating in about 20 seconds for the use of up to 4 minutes. In comparison, the latter delivers a shorter time to first puff at 15 seconds and faster taste release.

In addition, it comes with an improved LED indicator to check the ramp-up progress and the charging status. It also features an iris shutter designed to protect the device from dust and debris.

The device of gloTM hyper X2 will be available in five colors of mint blue, metal black, metal orange, black red, and white gold, according to BAT Rothmans.

BAT Rothmans country manager Kim Eun-ji said that the company would continue to launch innovative products for the domestic market.

“It is a great honor to introduce the latest product of gloTM hyper X2 to Korean customers,” Kim told a press conference held at a hotel in downtown Seoul.

“I am sure that gloTM hyper X2 will be able to provide high-quality satisfaction to Korean smokers.”

The new product will hit the shelves beginning on Feb. 7. The price tag would be 40,000 won ($31). The dedicated rod, dubbed neoTM stick, is priced at 4,800 won ($3.8).