BTS member Jin, third from left, will join the military in the near future, according to the music act’s label HYBE. Photo courtesy of HYBE

Other members will follow suit of Jin

The eldest member of the South Korean boy group BTS, named Jin, will join the military in the near future, according to the act’s agency HYBE on Oct. 17.

The Seoul-based entertainment company noted in a regulatory filing that other members of the seven-piece idol group would follow suit of Jin.

“Our artist Jin has started preparation to fulfill his military duties,” HYBE said.

“Later this month, Jin will cancel his application to delay his enlistment and follow the necessary steps. Other members will also carry out their military service based on their individual plans.”

The announcement came just two days after BTS performed as a group for the first time in six months after they opted to seek a solo career earlier this year.

On Oct. 15, they gathered in Busan for a free concert, which was designed to support the South Korean port city’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo.

The “Yet To Come’’ concert held at a stadium attracted some 50,000 people. Jin disclosed his plan to come up with his first solo album soon in front of full-capacity fans.

In Korea, abled men between the age of 18 and 28 should serve at least 18 months in the military. Last year, however, the National Assembly enabled some musicians to delay the age limit to 30.

Jin, who was born in 1992, could postpone his conscription thanks to the revision. However, he cannot delay it beyond next year under the current rules.

Against this backdrop, the unicameral parliamentary thought of offering exemption to BTS members for years. But it failed to reach a conclusion as the public opinion was split.

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