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Former KARA member apologizes for suicide attempt

Former KARA member Goo Hara, who was hospitalized after attempting suicide on May 26, regained her consciousness and expressed her feeling through her representative in Japan.

“I’m truly sorry for causing concern due to the recent incident. I am currently recovering my health. I was distressed due to various incidents that piled up,” she said in a statement on May 28.

“I will try my best to show a healthy side of myself by having a stronger mindset. I am truly sorry.”

The 28-year-old posted a goodbye message on her Instagram account on May 25, which made her manager call her.

As the manager could not contact Goo despite repeated phone calls, he rushed to her house in southern Seoul to find her unconscious in a room filled with smoke.

The idol star was immediately warded. Although Goo was in a stable condition, she failed to regain consciousness for a while.

Her manager said that Goo has suffered depression due to a lawsuit involving her ex-boyfriend surnamed Choi about dating violence, which took place last year.

Choi was indicted this year for having injured Goo during a fight in last September and threatened to leak a sex video.

“Goo has been battling depression. We knew that she was going through a tough time, and have been paying close attention to her,” the manager said in an interview with a Korean media outlet.

Goo was supposed to appear in a trial slated for May 30 as a witness. But the trial is highly likely to be delayed in consideration of her health.

In the previous trial, Choi denied most of his charges.

KARA was a K-pop girl group, which debuted in 2007, to chalk up a success not only in Korea but also in other countries. It disbanded in early 2016.


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