HYBE and its label Big Hit Music plan to hold global try-outs in a total of seven cities this year to search for new male pop stars. Photo courtesy of Big Hit Music

BTS label will build new boy groups

When HYBE took over Ithaca Holdings of the United States last year for around $1 billion, it was expected that the company behind K-pop superstar BTS would tap into the global markets in a more proactive way.

This week, one of its labels, dubbed Big Hit Music, announced that it would hold auditions this year in a total of seven global cities in search of new talent to become future boy stars.

Included in the cities are Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney, Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo, and Seoul. The on-site try-outs will be held between June and September this year.

Big Hit Music noted in a statement that it is “now looking for individuals with talent and passion who will be the next global superstar.”

It said that aspiring male singers would be required to pick a category out of such options as vocal, rap, dance, or other areas that can show their potential as artists.

Males born after 2002 are eligible for the auditions.

The Seoul-based entertainment company is scheduled to also hold online auditions. Those who want to take part in them can make applications by Sept. 18, according to Big Hit Music.

Big Hit Music is managing BTS, the world’s largest boy band, which dropped its latest album on June 10. Its music video attracted more than 8 million views in less than an hour on YouTube.

“Ever since HYBE acquired Ithaca Holdings, there have been expectations that HYBE would make other boy groups comprising global members,” Hyundai Motor Investment & Securities analyst Kim Hyun-yong said.

“Other Korean entertainment firms have already made such attempts. But all eyes are on HYBE and Big Hit Music thanks to their reputations as top labels.”

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