Participants in the event designed to celebrate the 78th anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day toasts in a recent event in Seoul. Photo by Yeo Hong-il/Korea News Plus

78th anniversary of the country’s top holiday celebrated

Outgoing Indonesia envoy Gandi Sulistiyanto would be remembered as the diplomat who has diligently dedicated his efforts to bolster the relationship between Korea and Indonesia, according to observers on Sept. 1.

In particular, his diplomatic tenure as Indonesia’s envoy in Korea coincided with the 50 years of bilateral relations between Korea and Indonesia this year.

In this significant era, Gandi has unfolded more enthusiastic diplomatic activities than any Indonesian ambassadors in the past; watchers pointed out.

Before departing to Indonesia as a member of the presidential advisory committee, Gandi hosted a diplomatic reception to mark the 78th anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day in a hotel in Seoul.

The latest event was also designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties between Korea and Indonesia in a Seoul hotel.

Gandi noted that Indonesia’s capital relocation project ‘Nusantara’s concept’ where many Korean corporations showed keen interest in investing there.

The new capital will be called Ibu Kota Nusantara (IKN), and this is a symbol of Indonesia’s change; Gandi told about 500 guests, including the diplomatic corps, media, and Indonesian communities in Korea.

Gandi proclaimed that the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties would serve as an important milestone to bring about a higher level’s cooperation and partnerships during the next five decades.

Indonesia, which has brilliant cultural and tourism resources, has always been in the limelight as one of the best travel destinations and resorts for many Koreans, he claimed.

Against this backdrop, it is a great fortune for the Republic of Korea to have Indonesia as a friend with its mature liberal democracy, abundant mineral resources, sizable population, and long-standing tradition, said Rep. Kim Ki-hyun, also leader of the governing People Power Party.

“In recent years, voices of concern about security have been growing in some regions surrounding the Pacific, including Southeast Asia,” he said.

“At this significant juncture, I am confident that the exemplary cooperative relationship between Korea and Indonesia will create a synergistic effect with the profound wisdom of neighboring countries, contributing decisively to accelerating peace and sustainable prosperity in the region.”

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