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Kang Daniel remains atop the table for 4 weeks

Korean singer Kang Daniel, who debuted in 2017, took the first place in the weekly idol chart, beating four BTS members of Jimin, V, Jungkook, and Jin.

The Best Idol, a Korean web site, said that Kang Daniel topped the chart for the third week of this month with 48,899 votes to remain atop the table for four straight weeks.

BTS member Jimin won the second place with 29,207 votes followed by his bandmates V with 20,497 votes, Jungkook with 7,023 votes, and Jin with 3,459 votes.

Kang Daniel, a former Wanna One member, assumed the highest place of the brand rep for 70 consecutive weeks to become the first idol to top the chart for over a whole year.

Jimin dethroned the perennial champion during the third week of last month, but Kang Daniel returned to the top place the next week. Thereafter, Jimin failed to defeat Kang Daniel.

Of note is that both Kang Daniel and Jimin are from the same region of Busan, a port city is located in the southeast part of the country.

This week’s poll totaled 123,221 votes with the participation of 12,923 IDs.

Among girl idols, IZ*ONE member Hitomi Honda topped the podium chased by her bandmate Sakura Miyawaki and Tzuyu of TWICE.

This means that non-Koreans assumed the highest three slots this week. Honda and Miyawaki are Japanese while Tzuyu came from Taiwan.


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