Promising U.S. golfer Andrea Lee holds a golf ball with her signature after signing a sponsorship contract with Korea Ginseng Corporation. Photo courtesy of KGC

Korean ginseng maker will support LPGA player

Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) announced on May 22 that the company had signed a sponsorship contract with talented U.S. golfer Andrea Lee.

As one of the most promising female golfers, Lee was the most outstanding golfer in the history of Stanford University as she garnered nine titles between 2016 and 2019.

Lee turned professional in late 2019 and shined last year by winning at the 2022 Casino Del Sol Golf Classic. Late in the year, she also won her first LPGA tour title at the Portland Classic.

At the signing ceremony, the 24-year-old noted that she had taken products of KGC ginseng products to improve her performance.

Indeed, she tended to upload scenes to her social-network accounts where she took KGC products, including Hongsamjeong Everytime.

Back then, she shared the benefits of ginseng products of KGC, the representative K-herb brand, including increased stamina and faster fatigue recovery.

“Based on the support of KGC, I want to show prominent performances during the LPGA games,” Lee said.

KGC has vehemently tried to tap into the U.S. markets as amply demonstrated by the recent launch of the research and development center in the country.

Through the research lab, the Seoul-based company strives to come up with new products tailored to U.S. consumers’ needs, like Korean red ginseng-based beverages.

Earlier this year, the Seoul-based company also joined forces with Hollywood star Arden Cho, the star of Netflix’s “Partner Track,” to promote its place in the U.S. market.

With more than 120-year history, KGC is the world’s leading ginseng brand.