Shown above are advertisements created by LG Group’s hyper-scale artificial intelligence program EXAONE. The ad in the center won the top award from the Korea Advertising Society. Photo courtesy of LG Group

Capability of hyper-scale AI program EXAONE recognized

South Korea’s LG Group announced on March 27 that an advertisement designed by its hyper-scale artificial intelligence program EXAONE had won an award from the Korea Advertising Society (KAS).

The ad titled “newly sprouting scenery” received the top award among many designs printed in newspapers or magazines for the past year, according to LG and KAS.

More than 100 professors in the advertising sector voted to pick the top competitor.

“A total of 132 professors took part in the evaluation to give the highest marks to the LG ad. They knew that it had been generated by an AI program,” a KAS official said.

“It’s not sure whether the identity of the ad creator influenced the decision of the professors. They gave their marks through online-based evaluation.”

Short for expert AI for everyone, EXAONE was designed to have hundreds of millions of different parameters to secure a better capacity to process data efficiently.

LG iterated that one of EXAONE’s major goals had been to reach humanlike language skills. It has been trained to perform in Korean and English.

To make EXAONE generate ads, LG said that the large-scale AI program has gone through more than 600 billion phrases and 350 million image-date sets.

“Through winning the advertising award, EXAONE proved that it could generate images after understanding the context of languages and making its own decisions,” LG said in a statement.

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