Korean food giant Ottogi has come up with two types of fish-shaped bread to meet the high demand of people ahead of the winter season. Photo courtesy of Ottogi

Korean food giant comes up with fish-shaped bread

In South Korea, fish-shaped breads have won the hearts and minds of people, who have typically purchased them at the country’s roadside stands as the weather gets cold.

Now, they don’t have to wander about in the street to purchase them as the country’s representative food company Ottogi has come up with standard products.

The Seoul-based outfit announced on Sept. 26 that the company was struggling to meet the demand for its recently launched fish-shaped breads.

The products come in two types _ one with red beans and the other with cream puffs.

Customers love both types as both have sweet and luxurious tastes, according to Ottogi.

When cooked for about nine minutes in an air fryer, the bread is much juicier, Ottogi noted.

“In the winter season, folks have a hard time purchasing fish-shaped bread in the street. They don’t need the hassle now,” an Ottogi official said. “We hope that people will enjoy two types of our new products.”

Established by the later Chairman Ham Tae-ho in 1969, Ottogi has been a trailblazer in the country’s food industry. For instance, it was the first Korean company to manufacture soup, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

Founder Ham’s son Ham Young-joon is currently chairman of Ottogi. Its chief executive is Hwang Seong-man.

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