Models demonstrate an 85-inch TV of Samsung Electronics. The company topped the global TV market in the first quarter of this year. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Tech giant remains ahead of pack for 17 straight years

South Korea’s tech giant Samsung Electronics topped the global TV market in the first quarter of this year, according to U.K.-based business tracker Omdia on May 22.

In terms of sales prices, Samsung accounted for 32.1 percent of the market during the three-month period, followed by LG Electronics with 17.1 percent, TCL with 9.9 percent, Hisense with 9.3 percent, and Sony with 5.5 percent.

Samsung dominated the premium market for $2,500-plus TV sets with a market share of 59.1 percent, up from 49.2 percent a year before.

When it comes to OLED TV, however, LG Electronics carved out 58.8 percent of the market. Short for organic light-emitting diode, ultra-thin OLED TV offers high image quality.

In comparison, Samsung has focused on QLED TV, an LCD TV with quantum dots. The two technologies have competed to take the upper hand over the past few years.

The overall TV market shrank 5.2 percent year-on-year to 46.25 million units during the January-March period, which is the smallest since 2009.

London-based Omdia expected a rebound of the TV market in the second half of this year so that the 2023 TV shipment would surpass 200 million units.

But some observers are not optimistic about the second-half forecast.

“Like the previous years, Samsung is highly likely to remain ahead of the pack this year in the TV market,” Seoul-based consultancy Leaders Index CEO Park Ju-gun said.

“But the global TV market struggled in the first quarter. It remains to be seen whether it would really turn around in the second half of this year.”

Samsung has been the global leader in the TV market for 17 consecutive years since 2006, according to Omdia.