Shown above are six new young leaders added to the Generation 17 agenda of the United Nations Development Program. Samsung Electronics has supported the procedure. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Tech giant supports Generation17

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics announced on Feb. 17 that the company had teamed up with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to support Generation17.

The Seoul-based outfit said that it would help the UNDP add six new young leaders to the initiative designed to mobilize global communities and educate people about the urgency of various global agendas.

“We continue to be inspired by young, innovative visionaries who prove that technology can be a force for good,” Samsung Executive Vice President Stephanie Choi said.

“I am honored to welcome these six advocates into the Generation17 community. They embody the type of leadership that our world needs to build more sustainable societies, and I am excited to see how they inspire more people to learn about the 17 Global Goals and join our collective mission to achieve a brighter future.”

Included the six advocates are AY Young from the United States, Kristian Kampmann from Denmark, Nora Altwaijri from Saudi Arabia, Oğuz Ergen from Turkey, Tamara Dewi Gondo Soerijo from Indonesia, and Thuy Anh Ngo from Vietnam.

“2022 is a critical year in our pursuit to achieve the Global Goals, as the COVID-19 pandemic has reversed decades of progress in global human development,” UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner said.

“Despite this somber reality, I am confident that the strength and perseverance of the young generation will help us build back better from the crisis and propel positive change in education, inclusion, and climate. These six Young Leaders and the entire Generation17 community remind us that we need to step up our efforts to achieve the Global Goals and protect our collective futures.”